Vegetable Gardening

Start a vegetable garden today!

Reap the many benefits of vegetable gardening! Here’s 5 good reasons to start one today…

  1. Natural Stress Reliever – Being outdoors can boost your mood and make you feel happy!
  2. Improve your Health – Eating more veggies & getting exercise in the garden leads to better health
  3. Good for Kids – Quality family time, Great sense of accomplishment, learn about gardening & healthy eating!
  4. Money Saver – Grow your own veggies for a fraction of the cost in the grocery store!
  5. Convenience – Walk out to your own backyard to prepare a salad! Save a trip to the store.

• One of the easiest and increasingly popular ways to grow veggies is in containers.  You can grow most vegetables in a 14” or larger container right on your deck or patio.  Start by selecting a sunny spot, fill your container with Bordine’s Potting Soil and plant your favorite vegetable or herb.  How great will it be to have fresh tomatoes as you relax on your patio?

• Another space saving way to garden is a square foot garden.  This is basically a raised timber bed filled with good soil and sectioned off into 1 foot by 1 foot areas.  As the plants grow closer together you have less weeding, use less water and gain a great yield in less space.  A raised bed is also easy on your back!

• Then there’s the traditional vegetable garden. Start small and only grow what you know you’ll eat. A good starting size is 11 rows wide, with each row 10 feet long. The rows should run north and south to take full advantage of the sun. Make sure that you have paths that allow you to access your plants to weed and harvest. Just make sure that you can reach the center of the row or bed easily. (Note: If this garden is too large for your needs, you can simply make the rows shorter.)

• Last but not least, try adding a few vegetables or herbs to your landscape.  Peppers have a nice big glossy leaf and look great in the landscape as an accent plant.  In addition, planting herbs in your garden beds will add amazing fragrance.

Whichever type of garden you try, your reward will be evident with that first bite of fresh vegetables straight from YOUR VERY OWN garden!

Here are some of our most popular varieties to get you started! Click on variety for more info.

Beans, Blue Lake Bush
Beets, Detroit Red
Cabbage, Blue Vantage
Chard, Bright Lights
Cucumber, Burpee Burpless
Lettuce, SS Mix City Garden
Pepper, Big Bertha
Pepper, Jalapeno
Radishes, Rover
Tomato, Sweet 100
Tomato, Big Boy
Zucchini, Elite