JUNE Gardening Checklist!

Fertilize annuals with Bordine’s Better Blooms All-Purpose (20-20-20) fertilizer

Deadhead annuals before planting to induce branching & blooming

Start staking your tomatoes & taller perennials to promote healthy air circulation & support

Don’t forget about your herbs; keep cutting them to promote fresh, tasty new growth

Shrubs that bloom in April, May & June should be pruned by mid-June. Later trimming will cut off flower buds for the next spring that form in summer

Mulching 2” in early June after you plant keeps moisture in the soil and the weeds out

Apply Preen for weed prevention as long as it has been at least eight weeks since you last applied

Fertilize your landscape beds with Holly-tone or Plant-tone again as long as it has been at least 30 days

June is Perennial Gardening Month & a great time to plant perennials!

Finish planting the vegetable garden.  Different patches of cucumber, squash, beans & corn can be planted every 2 weeks up until July 4th to ensure a steady supply through fall when the first planted veggies & vines die off

Begin harvesting early-season vegetables such as lettuce, radishes & peas as they become ready

Stake tall or heavy plants, such as tomatoes & peppers, to provide support as they grow

Watch out for spider mites that can attack trees & shrubs such as Alberta Spruce, different annuals & sometimes perennials. Check for mite activity by shaking branch of plant over a white sheet of paper. If you see small red to brown specks moving, spray with BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Insect, Disease & Mite Control as directed. Be sure to also apply the spray under the leaves where mites like to hide

Continue planting your favorite plants as it usually only takes 3-4 weeks to get them to root in & established in your landscape

Start increasing the mowing height of your lawn mower to 2.5 to 3 inches to avoid summer stress that will invite insects & diseases to move in

Toward the very end of June & anytime in July, apply BioAdvanced Season Long Grub Control containing Merit insecticide to prevent grubs of European Chafer & Japanese Beetles from damaging or completely destroying your lawn this fall. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results