MAY Gardening Checklist!

Use Preen to prevent weeds from growing in your landscape & garden

Slowly acclimate your seedlings, tropicals & houseplants outdoors (temperatures should be consistently above 55F)

Start planting cool-season vegetables like lettuce, peas, and spinach as soon as the soil can be worked.

Fertilize Perennials with Osmocote or Flower-tone

Prune your spring blooming trees & shrubs immediately after they are finished blooming

Watch your climbing vines & begin to train them up a trellis or around a lattice

Start feeding and protecting your Roses with BioAdvanced All-in-one Rose & Flower Care

Apply Sluggo around your Hosta & other plants to prevent Slugs from eating holes in the leaves

Get ready to spray Dogwoods and large-leaved Rhododendron to prevent borer damage


Mid to Late May:

Apply Step 2-Jonathan Green Weed & Feed to control broadleaf weeds in your lawn

Plant summer bulbs like Gladiola, Dahlia, Elephant Ear etc that you have started indoors. Plant in ground when threat of frost & colder temps is past

Plant seeds directly into the garden for vegetables and flowers that prefer direct sowing, such as beans, cucumber, and sunflowers.

Plant tomato and pepper plants and most other annuals when the danger of frost has passed and the ground has warmed.  This is usually around May 20th.

Transplant seedlings started indoors into the garden once the danger of frost has passed, typically around mid to late May in Michigan.