Houseplant Parenthood

Rochester Hills • March 13th • 11am
Clarkston • March 13th • 11am
Brighton • March 13th • 11am

Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Brighton


Every Mom or Dad strives to be a great parent! It is no different with indoor plants. We want our plants to thrive just like our children. So, join us for a lesson on plant caretaking. We’ll cover feeding, general care, plant health, making wise decisions when choosing a plant and what to do when they start to outgrow their surroundings. You’ll leave ready to adopt a plant or give the ones you have a little extra love!

To keep attendees safe, our class sizes will be limited. We encourage you to sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot. Chairs will be spaced out in the seminar area and all attendees are required to wear a face covering. Presenters will be wearing a face covering at all times as well.

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