Designer Tree Demonstration

Nov. 6th • Rochester Hills • 11am
Nov. 7th • Rochester Hills • 2pm
Nov. 26th • Rochester Hills • 2pm

Oct. 31st • Clarkston • 11am
Nov. 6th • Clarkston • 11am
Nov. 7th • Clarkston • 2pm
Nov. 26th • Clarkston • 2pm

Oct. 31st • Brighton • 11am
Nov. 6th • Brighton • 11am
Nov. 7th • Brighton • 2pm
Nov. 26th • Brighton • 2pm

Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Brighton


Anyone can design a gorgeous theme tree with the right guidelines, some simple tips and coordinating components! Learn from our expert designers how to take the blank canvas of a Christmas tree and transform it into the designer masterpieces you see in our Christmas store.

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